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Hello Kitty Strikes Again

I have heard that the group coupon sites are doing poorly.

What a shocker.  Have you seen the offerings lately?  Who is dumb enough to pay for online bartending classes?  That’s called youtube and it’s free.  I don’t want to spend $20 for $100 worth of nutrition bars that should only cost $20 anyway.  And then I need to pay shipping.  You’re off-brand products are terrible, there’s nowhere to read reviews on them because they aren’t actually sold other places.  It’s like buying crap off of home shopping.  Ugh!

I didn’t mind the daily e-mails when there were actually some interesting things, but now it’s all crap.  And now it’s also 2 or 3 e-mails from both Groupon and Living Social.  Groupon is so hard up that they sent out a $5 my next Groupon purchase and even then I couldn’t find anything I wanted to buy.

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Lord Voldemort is a Republican

This morning I was listening to my local NPR station while driving to work.

They were talking about local viewing parties that were held to watch Mitt Romney accept the Republican Presidential Candidate nomination.  I never knew that people had these.  I have lots of questions about these viewing parties.

First, there was a party, why wasn’t I invited?  Second, is this like an Oscar viewing party?  Third, what does one wear to a presidential candidate nomination viewing party?  Are there hor d’oeuvres or a full meal?  Is there a designated bartender?  Is there a tip jar for the bartender?

Anyway, back to the NPR report.

The reporter was interviewing people leaving a viewing party in Fairview Park, to get their reactions.

The first person interviewed…… was Tom Riddle.  I am NOT even making this up.

I never thought about Lord Voldemort’s political leanings in the terms of American Political parties.  But it just seems right that he’s a Republican.

Nutrition and the Picky One

I have a very picky 10 year old daughter. She was always picky. I remember feeding her baby food and hiding the vegetables under the meat or pasta. She would carefully inspect the spoon for the tiniest piece of vegetable and refused to open her mouth if she saw or imagined one.

Life was so much easier then. It was easier to hide the vegetables when I was in charge of the spoon.

We have had so many battles over eating. Tears, yelling, we even had episodes where my child made herself throw up on the table. Not some of my fondest memories. We used vitamins and supplements and had numerous conversations with the pediatrician. There was a time she wouldn’t each anything that looked like it might have once been friendly to a fruit or vegetable. She wouldn’t even touch them to help unpack groceries. It was insane.

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Where the H%^& is She Going?

During my epic failure of a garage sale, I spent a lot of time in my front yard a few weekends ago.

I don’t know the rhythms of my neighborhood. I know only a few of my neighbors and only one relatively well. We spend so much of our time taking the kids to lessons and practices and school functions and games and whatever. And when we’re not doing that, I’m afraid I don’t spend a lot of time outside at my house. I can blame it on my colossal allergies and asthma. And that might be part of it. If I’m outside, it’s to do yardwork or I’m leaving for a bike ride. Sometimes I’ll play basketball or catch with the kids. But mostly, if I’m outside at my house I’m all about work and then I go back into my house and hide. And I don’t pay any attention to what goes on outside.

So, it was interesting to see the traffic flow around my neighborhood. Especially on Friday.

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What I learned about Trolls

Based on (a) review(s) in Entertainment Weekly, we rented Trollhunter. My husband and I watched it Saturday night. Often, I type my blogs while watching tv or a movie. My husband likes to watch and I like to do something else while I’m watching.

I ended up closing up my laptop and watching without distraction. Ok, I gave myself a pedi. I can’t help it.

It was in Norwegian but there was an English dub. I would have preferred the subtitles, but my husband played the dub.

The movie was so not what we expected. It was like the Blair Witch Project meets the Three Billy Goats Gruff meets supernatural cover-up conspiracy fare.

The movie starts with 3 college students working on a documentary film/ investigation into a suspected bear poacher. The authorities, particularly those with the wildlife service, know about the poacher and the students are able to find out the man’s name and where he is staying. I should just say now that the plot holes are so big suspension of disbelief is difficult.

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In a Garage by the Motorway

Last weekend I had my first. and very likely last, garage sale.

I did it because it got my kids to help clean out the house and part with some things they wouldn’t have parted with otherwise. I told the kids that I would keep a notebook and I would record whose items sold. They would get the money for any of their toys or games. The clothing money was mine. That was a huge motivating factor. The kids dragged out stuff they would never have considered parting with otherwise. The only point I stressed was that anything not sold would be donated.

We took out an ad, I took Friday off of work, we put up signs at the major street corners, got plenty of change, only included clean functional items in good or very good condition, clearly marked prices, and displayed things in an appealing manner.

20 minutes before our sale started, we had our first “customer”. So we quickly cleaned up and opened the garage. The disappointment that started with that first customer lasted through out that day and continued the second day also. Thank goodness we only attempted 2 days.

It wasn’t that we weren’t selling to every customer; it was that we had almost no customers. And the ones that bought mostly just purchased my son’s old toys!

One of my girlfriends told me that she had a garage sale earlier this summer and had the same issue. No one attending. She went on to say that she all junk but that the stuff I had out for sale was nice stuff. She loves to go to garage sales. She had a very hard time not buying stuff at mine. I could never have sold her anything, I would have just given it to her.

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One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Let me preface this post.  I am in no way attempting to diminish the efforts of these people.

That said, let’s begin.

Yesterday, while browsing through my Cleveland Plain Dealer, I noticed an fundraiser for 3 local Cat Welfare groups: Happy Trails Cat Sanctuary, Save Our Strays, and Abandoned Animal Rescue.  The event is 1-4 today and includes food, beverages, a 50/50 raffle, and an auction.

Now, here’s the part that caught my attention.  According to the Plain Dealer event notice “persian rugs and wheelchairs among the auction items.”

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