’74 Jailbreak

Sometimes you learn the greatest truths about a person in the most unlikely ways.

Today, Thing 1, the Monkey King and I were playing Monopoly.  I landed on “Go to Jail”.  Boo!

My son immediately paid for me to get out.  Even though he initially thought that the fee was $200 to get out of jail.  It’s actually only $50.

Then I had the worst luck.  I landed on “Go to Jail” several more times and even got a Chance card that sent me to jail.  The Monkey King picked up a get out of Jail free card and wouldn’t show anyone what it was.  He saved it for one of my trips to jail!  It was so cute.

Thing 1  said “at least you know he’ll bail you out”.  And that’s an important thing to know about your child.  It’s really good to know that before you need it.

I can’ t wait to test that in real life.  Question mark.


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