A Marketer Is Born

I was sitting on my couch avoiding my responsibilities; playing video games instead of exercising or doing something productive.  My little son, the Monkey King, sat by me and started poking at my thigh.

He then moved onto my forearm.  With a contemplative look on his face he declared, “you are already seeing results from P90X.  This part of your arm was flabby like your upper arm.  Now it’s like mine.”


First, and most importantly, I do not have flabby arms.  Especially not my forearms!

Second, since I can’t quit my job and shirk all my responsibilities in order to train, I haven’t been able to keep up with P90X and my 1/2 marathon training at the same time.  I end up being really tired and cranky when I do.  So I’ve decided that the best course of action is to keep up with the 1/2 marathon training first and do the P90x weight training as often as I can.  But I am doing it.  In fact, I “brought it” to such a degree on Monday that when I ran on Tuesday, I could feel every muscle in my chest.  My entire chest was sore.

Third, I already have P90x, you don’t have to sell me on it.

Or maybe he should be selling me on it.  To motivate me to do my P90X rather than escaping into a video game or a book.   The best motivation is when he does it with me.  I love that.

I can just see my little Monkey King though.  Shilling exercise videos.  Or gym memberships.

…you’re already seeing results…. why is he looking that closely at my damned forearms anyway?


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