You Needed Me

My little white cat has this habit that drives my husband nuts.  When I’m ready to unwind for the night, she comes up and climbs in my lap.  Then she kneads me while sucking on me.
It doesn’t matter to here where she sucks.  It can be a wrist or forearm.  It could be my thigh.  Must often it’s somewhere on my torso.

And, as I said, it makes my husband nuts.  He hates it.  He gets completely disgusted and scolds me for letting her do it.
I don’t get his objection.  She not sucking on my boobs or humping my leg.   There’s nothing sexual about it.   It relaxes her.

And honestly, this and the cuddle time that follow it relax me.  There’s nothing quite like a purring, contented cat to make one slow down and appreciate stillness and quiet and just be ok with life.



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