How Can I Get in On That?

I have a Groupon and a Living Social account.  I haven’t purchased anything from Living Social yet but I have purchased several Groupons, with mixed results.

The other day I saw something that was low even for one of these companies.  The buy in time must be over because I can’t find the ad.  I was going to take a screen shot.

And, just to be fair, I can’t remember if it was a Groupon or a Living Social deal  but

there was seriously a deal for a Ghost Hunting class.

This offends me on so many levels.


Second, taking advantage of the superstitious is morally wrong.

Third, shame on you Groupon or Living Social whichever one.  Shame.  See reasons one and two.

Fourth, why can’t I “teach” some make believe  crap and make some money?

Oh, wait,


It’s because I have ethics.


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