Race for the Cure

Yay!  My Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K packet came today!

This is the first time my husband and I will be participating.  I’m not big on the fundraising portion.  I hate asking people for money.

My oldest daughter said that my mother-in-law wants to donate to causes like this.  But I don’t even send around the school fundraisers.  I write a check to the school.  Then the school gets 100% of the money and I don’t have some lame candles or waxy chocolate.

My adult niece plays on a thousand different softball leagues and they are always having fundraisers at bars. I went once but I don’t want to eat crappy bar food or drink shitty beer.  Now, when she asks, I just hand her a $20.   Her team gets the entire $20 and I don’t have a belly full of yucky calories.

Maybe next year I’ll make my kids run with us and we can make getting pledges into a competition.  That would make it interesting.  And would be a good experience for my kids.

Anyway, run hard, finish strong, and check your breasts.




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