One of These Things Is Not Like the Others

Let me preface this post.  I am in no way attempting to diminish the efforts of these people.

That said, let’s begin.

Yesterday, while browsing through my Cleveland Plain Dealer, I noticed an fundraiser for 3 local Cat Welfare groups: Happy Trails Cat Sanctuary, Save Our Strays, and Abandoned Animal Rescue.  The event is 1-4 today and includes food, beverages, a 50/50 raffle, and an auction.

Now, here’s the part that caught my attention.  According to the Plain Dealer event notice “persian rugs and wheelchairs among the auction items.”

Let’s say that again together “persian rugs and wheelchairs among the auction items.”

See! It is absurd.

The rest of the press release is all geared toward drawing people with a little cash.  For instance,it reads “all-you-can eat, gourmet pizza and flat bread creations which will be baked on-site during the benefit in a wood-fired oven; salad; cake; coffee, tea, lemonade; and ice water.  For attendees 21 and older, the ticket price also covers wine, beer and champagne.” That blurb about the wheelchairs, by the way, isn’t on the Happy Trails website.

I just don’t see why, of all the things that could have been listed, someone picked wheelchairs.  Will that draw a different demographic.  Do you want to attract those who are in need of a wheelchair but haven’t bought one already?  I don’t understand.  What was the thought process?  Was it ” if we’re listing persian rugs and wheelchairs, you have to stop in just to find out what auction items we didn’t list”? That’s so weird.  And who donated the wheelchairs?  It was listed in plural.  I think I might need to go to see who bids on those.
Maybe that’s the draw.  See.  That is excellent marketing.  It is drawing me in.

I hope there is a great turn out.  My rescue kitty, warming my legs as I write this, hopes so too!


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