Today We’ll Try Something New

Friday was the last day at work for one of the co-ops.  She is a sweet, smart, hardworking girl and she will be greatly missed.

Well, on her last day, she brought me a card she had made.  She drew Hello Kitty crying and it said how she’ll miss me!  It’s so sweet.   Hello Kitty is on a toilet though.  Which made leads to many interesting questions.  My husband says I’m misinterpreting the squinted shut eyes.  He says Hello Kitty isn’t crying, she’s working hard on a poop.   Boys.

It does make me wonder if the co-op subconsciously thinks of the toilet when she thinks of me.

She also brought me a gift. The gift was interesting.  It is a purchased, packaged Indian treat.  She had removed it from the box but kept it in the brand-stamped, foil covered, plastic tray.  All I knew was it was from Haldiram’s.  I had never even heard of Haldiram’s.  So it was off to the internet!

I love trying new things so before I ever figured out anything about Haldiram’s I needed to try this.

I had no frame of reference for something like this.  There was nothing for it, I had to just try it.

It is really hard to describe.  The flavors remind me of torrone candy (for which I just found a recipe that I have to try) but the texture is almost like rousong (pork floss) but dense rousong.  I can’t come up with a better description right now.

So after I tried it, I decided to find out exactly what is in it by venturing to the Haldiram website.  Wow!  There are so many products.  Oddly, I found this particular thing on the first try.  I picked the “sweets” category and it was the first item there.  It’s called Soan Papdi. It contains almonds and pistachios.  It’s listed at 160 calories in each little square.

It’s so yummy, that I just took a break to get another bite.

The best part is: no one in my family likes it.  My son says “it has a kind of good aftertaste but the before taste isn’t good”.  Ha!

There are chocolate, orange, and coconut varieties also.  I may need to go try those.


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