Why, Hunts Ketchup? Why?

I have a preferred ketchup.  It’s always been Hunts.  My husband favors Heinz.  He generally defers to my favorite brand (but I have to use Miracle Whip not Hellmann’s when it comes to mayonnaise).

My husband started preferring Hunts also when he realized that it didn’t contain high fructose corn syrup.  We don’t buy things with high fructose corn syrup.  It’s simply unnecessary, regardless of what that terribly misleading website created by the Corn Refiners industry group says (shame on you guys.  really, that’s awful).

For a while, Hunts promoted its lack of high fructose corn syrup in bright letters at the top of the label.

Imagine my surprise this evening when my husband showed me the Hunts label during dinner.  Hunts now contains high fructose corn syrup.  What the Hell?  It didn’t contain it before.  Now there is all sorts of bad publicity over the use of it and Hunts decides that it should add high fructose corn syrup? Look:

Who is the genius at ConAgra who decided to make this move? And it’s not just the health issues.  It has to cost more.  Corn prices are so high.  I keep hearing stories of corn shortages and how the cost of corn is raising the price of so many food products.  Why pick now to add any form of corn to a product that shouldn’t contain any?

I feel completely betrayed.  I thought that I didn’t need to read the Hunts label every time I bought a bottle.  Truly, adding this unhealthful product into my Hunts ketchup makes me feel like ConAgra betrayed my trust.  And they did.

Well, it doesn’t matter as I won’t be buying anymore bottles.  I’ll go back to Trader Joe’s ketchup.  I’ll also be looking to purge other ConAgra products from my shopping list.

I guess the moral of this post is to be ever vigilant when shopping.  Read the labels every time because manufacturers won’t necessarily let you know when ingredients lists have changed.  Particularly when it’s to lower quality or unhealthful ingredients.

Better yet, if you can make it yourself, do so.  It’ll taste better and you will have complete control of what’s in your food.


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