Boss’s Day

This past Tuesday, I was busy in one of my labs at work when in came 3 of my 4 employees, acting suspicious.  Suddenly, one of them whipped out a card they said they needed me to sign.

When I looked, it was a Boss’s Day card.  It was for me.  Then they whipped out a big basket filled with assorted silliness that I love:

I talk about my nutella popsicles and how much my kids love them.  So they made me an alcoholic nutella popsicle kit!   It has 2 sets of 3 Crayola popsicle molds, Cool Whip, Nutella, and a bottle of Bailey’s.  I can’t wait to try it.  I have been so busy this week I haven’t had a chance.

They also got me a gift card to my favorite restaurant/brew pub, Fathead’s.

I was overwhelmed.  I had no idea that it was boss’s day.  I celebrate National Guacamole Day, Tsukimi, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and all sorts of silliness.  Boss’s day isn’t on my calendar.  More than that though, is that being a middle manager is usually a thankless job.  It usually means everyone is mad at you.  I’ve had a very hard time being a boss.  I’m a boss when my bosses don’t want to take responsibility but I’m not a boss when they want to enact something.   It’s a completely shitty situation.  Even the way I was made a boss sucked.  One day, I was listed as the manager of my department in the organizational directory.  One of my staff told me.  I didn’t get a raise or a title change or even spoken to about it. Seriously, that was how I became a manager.  I wasn’t asked or offered the job or even told.  They changed my status in the organizational directory.

So, really, it was completely overwhelming to have my employees make such a blatant show of appreciation.  I haven’t received that from my bosses.  Honestly, the only reason I keep on doing managerial things is because I know my team will get crushed if I don’t.  It’s really helps to know that they see it and appreciate it.  Because a lot of times it feels like my efforts are wasted.

Usually, I’m the one doing big silly things to keep other people motivated.  I’m the official party planner and gift buyer and all around cheerleader.  I love doing it.  It was really awkward to be on the receiving end.  But I am grateful.  I am much more grateful for what the gift means than what was in the basket.  Sometimes, I need to feel like people are cheering for me too.


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