Be Afraid, Be Very, Very Afraid

Ok.  I am so tired of hyperbole.  I understand that hurricane Sandy is a strong storm.  But to use words like “frankenstorm” and “megastorm” is ridiculous.

I encourage people to be in the spirit of Halloween (or any celebration), but this isn’t appropriate for our newspeople.  CNN, Wallstreet Journal, CNBC, and NPR all have articles about the Frankenstorm.  I expect better.  I expect restraint and professionalism from my news sources.  News reports aren’t book jackets or movie reviews.

And what happens if this doesn’t turn out to be as bad as predicted?  Remember “snowpocalypse”? The weather shouldn’t be giving lame celebrity couple style names to storms.  That’s not journalism or weather reporting.  That’s high school girl style communication.  And it’s just as effective.

Yes, it’s important to take preparatory steps.  Yes, it’s important to warn citizens.  But when every event is some scary apocalyptic event it becomes numbing.  The warnings are ignored.  And that will cause tragedy.

News outlets need to make their employees step away from the Red Bull and behave like rational grown ups.


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