Monday night, when I was at my local library donating blood, I noticed a guy staring at me while I was on the table.  I had pants on, so that wasn’t it (sometimes, when I wear a dress I’m given a paper sheet).   I didn’t think anything was wrong with my face as the phlebotomist wasn’t looking at my strangely.  I decided he was just weird and that I would ignore it.

When I was done donating, I went over to the refreshments table and saw that the man was now sitting there.  Before I even sat down he started chatting me up.  He mumbled so I didn’t understand exactly what he said at first, something about needing a snack.  I smiled and nodded and noticed that he was wearing a Red Cross employee badge.

I sat down and the guy honestly said “So what brings you out today”?  Really.  At a blood drive, the guy, who at this point I realize is just hitting on me, asks me what brought me to the blood drive.   I respond by saying that I try to donate every 2 months as it sets a good example for MY KIDS while I very obviously rubbed my face with my very obviously wedding ring-clad hand.

It didn’t make any difference.  He then asked me what my blood type is.  When I truthfully answered, he excitedly said “me too”!  I wanted to say, oh, wait I meant to say… and then change my blood type to see what he would say.  And what are we, Japanese?  Does he think he can tell about my personality by my blood type?

After a little more small talk, during which I checked my texts, repeated mentions of my kids, etc., the guy asked what I do for a living.  I told him I’m a chemist and he asked what that was.  Well, that finally got my attention.  I asked “you don’t know what a chemist is”?!?!?!  And he replied, “well, I know you do stuff with stuff”.  To which I could only reply “exactly”.

It was completely awkward and uncomfortable.

There were so many non-personal things he could have talked about.  The electricity kept going out.  The rain that was so heavy.  The flooding on the east coast.  The fact that NYC actually shut down public transportation.  Anything other than the topics he chose.  I don’t think he could have been any more off the mark.

And really, what’s a chemist?  What the hell!?!?!?


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