I Know, I Know

Ok.  I’m not going to express a political opinion but just point out something hilarious.

There have been several Facebook posts from Romney supporters stating they are planning to move to Canada because Romney lost.
So conservatives are angry that they conservative candidate lost so they want to move to… Canada?

Canada, where Obamacare has been the norm since 1984.  Canada, where gun laws are stricter than here.  Canada, where sales tax is as much as 15%.  Canada, where our political left is their far right.

These people must believe that Canada is franchise location of the US.

Yes.  Moving to Canada would be way better for you and your conservative beliefs than staying in American with Obama as president.

Clearly, these posters have no idea about Canada.  They should visit.  Or at least read.

I’m just completely happy that this election is over and there were no recounts and I’m not receiving a dozen or more robocalls a day.   That silence is fantastic.


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