Last night, I pepper gassed my entire family. Not on purpose, because I got myself also. Heck, I even caused my geriatric dog some respiratory distress.

I was making burritos and decided to saute some beautiful peppers from our garden.  These are some of the last peppers from our garden for the season.  These particular peppers were purchased through a PTA vegetable plant sale at my son’s school.  They were marked as jalapenos, but they’re not.  They are green and have the general hot pepper shape, but they aren’t round and plump like jalapenos.  They are flat-ish like a banana pepper.  But they aren’t those either.   They aren’t the right shade of green and they don’t get as big.

Regardless, I decided I should saute these peppers.  Just 3 of them.  They are a little too hot for my husband unless I remove the seeds, but I love them.  So I sauteed some onions in one pan, made homemade tortillas in another.  Another burner was occupied with a pot of rice I was cooking, and on the last burner I had a little pan with 3 sliced mystery peppers.

I was so busy stirring and rolling out the tortillas and warming the meat and grating the cheese and setting the table etc., etc., that it didn’t initially register that I was sneezing like crazy.  Then it was too late anyway.  My son, at the kitchen table doing homework, was coughing and complaining.  My middle child, assisting me in my culinary madness, started coughing.  Even the poor dog, on her bed in the corner, started sneezing and coughing.

My husband arrived home a few minutes before everything was ready, and immediately opened all the doors.  It took about 15 minutes for it to air out enough for us to be comfortable again.

It didn’t even occur to me that a few little peppers could cause that much of a problem.  They did clear my sinuses!  And boy were they tasty.  Everyone else passed on them though.  I can’t imagine why…..


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