Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman

I have a coworker who isn’t too far removed from his college days.  He’s young and shiny and happy and innocent and he can always come up with a situationally appropriate Disney song.

When we first went out after work he was incredibly disappointed in Cleveland night life.  He couldn’t find a place that could make his favorite drink.  He couldn’t find his favorite kind of place (apparently, 7 night a week Irish Karaoke bars are big in Columbus?  I tried to find one while I vacationed there but couldn’t).

While now, my friend is moving on and I’m in charge of organizing the group gift.  It’s a fantastic, interesting, sad, and annoying task.

The fantastic part of the group gift is getting to show someone how much they are appreciated.  It’s finding a personal gift.  It’s getting to do something completely good and cheerful and kind.

The interesting part is seeing people react to the invitation to chip in.  You can learn so much about a person by the way they respond to this kind of request coupled with the way they normally interact with the honoree.

Anyway, on one of our first after work outings, he wanted so badly to introduce us to a drink called the Batman.  It was one of his favorites.  Our usual spot didn’t know the drink but happily attempted to make it for us when my friend googled the recipe.  He insisted afterwards that the attempt was subpar.

So, I decided as his going away present, I would give him a Batman care package.

A friend of mine took me to the PX, where my alcohol dollars would go the furthest.  We bought Captain Morgan’s, Bailey’s, Vanilla Vodka, and Rootbeer Schnapps.  I stopped at a local store and picked up a 2L of Coke.  Then I headed over to Target where fate was with me; the dollar bins were full of silly Batman things.  I bought temporary tattoos, pencils, a notebook, and some other nonsense.

To complete the gift however, I needed a little something special.  I went online looking for Batman glasses.  I wanted the 1960s tv show Batman stuff because, when you do this shot you’re supposed to sing the theme from the tv show.  So, I looked and looked and found something far better than I would have dared dream.   Spencer’s had this pint glass:

I bought 2.  And glorious, glorious good fortune.  Spencer’s had shot glasses too.  I didn’t buy the shot glasses with the cape, the cape would get all wet when you drop the shot glass into the pint glass.  The little caped shot glasses are so cool though.  Instead, I got this:

Unfortunately, Spencer’s only had 1.  But they were so accommodating.  The staff went and brought out the entire stock of shot glasses until we found this:

Ideally, I would have had 2 of the same shot glasses.  It would have been the coolest to have the 2 “boom” glasses.  But there was only one of each.  It still worked.  I was really grateful to the Spencer’s staff for taking so much time to help me.  I can’t say that enough.  When I explained what I was doing, they all got as excited as I was and were happy to help.

Now that I had all the stuff, I went to work and took a 5 gallon pail with a screw top to use instead of a gift bag.  It was great as 1) the 5 gallon pail had some meaning associated with work so it was a great little nod to that and 2) what gift bag could actually support 4 liquor bottles and a 2L of pop.

The final thing this needed was the Batman recipe.  There were several variations online.  I looked around until I saw enough that said the same thing.  The most consistent recipe is:

  • 4 oz Coke
  • 1.5 oz Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum
  • 0.5 oz Vanilla Vodka
  • 0.5 oz Rootbeer Schnapps
  • 0.5 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream

You’re meant to fill the pint glass with the Coke and Captain Morgan’s.  Then you put the other liquors into a shot glass.  Next, you sing the Batman theme while you drop the shot glass into the pint glass.  Finally, you chug the drink.

I went online and found some old school Batman fonts (I think I got them here) and typed up the recipe.  I used the one Batman font with the 1960s style typeface.  Another Batman font was actually like clip art with various styles of Batman over the years.  There were some great pictures of the old Batman and Robin.  When I was done, I printed the recipe, cut it out small, pasted that onto a dark blue sheet of paper and laminated the entire thing.  A recipe for alcoholic beverages just has to be laminated.

Now, lore has it that this drink will give you superpowers.  I suspect that the amount of alcohol in this drink makes one think that they have superpowers.  After one of these, I thought I could dance.  Nobody should destroy that illusion though.

This was one of the most fun presents I’ve ever put together.  I completely surprised my coworker.  He was really impressed with the care that went into it.  I was happy that I got to be so creative.  And all the other contributors were happy that the honoree truly felt honored and saw how much we care.


This draft has been sitting here since July.  I didn’t want to finish it because I really miss my coworker.  But neglecting to finish this won’t change things.  And it won’t make me be able to go back and take pictures either.  Dumb.


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