Merry Christmas?

I keep getting e-mails from the company that took the race photos at the Columbus Marathon.  They want, obviously, for me to buy pictures that they took of me during the race.

Have they looked at those pictures?  They are bad.  They could have been worse as I spent so much time blowing my perpetually runny nose in my hoodie sleeves (I’m a pretty girl).  There are no pictures of that.  But I swear there are pictures where I somehow grew four extra chins.  My mouth is always open (because I can’t breathe through my runny nose).  It’s grotesque.  I am the opposite of the ridiculously photogenic runner.

Which is crazy because I am normally photogenic.  Running is the kryptonite to my photogeneity.

Anyway, one of the purchase options is to have a race photo of my choice printed as Christmas cards.  Seriously, no one looked at these photos before they sent out that e-mail.

Or, maybe they did see them.  And they think that’s how I look normally.


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