Jolly Old Saint Nicolas

For the past few years now, we have celebrated St. Nicolas Day in my house. I know we don’t live in Europe, but if there’s a holiday I’m up for celebrating it!

We make these little paper shoes. I got my pattern here. They are so much fun to make. The past few years, I’ve used an increased size of shoe. This time I made them in the same size as the pattern indicates.

My kids complained.

But look how cute they are:

In my neverending quest to recycle, all the materials were from other things. The shoe bottoms were all cut out of a box that had held manila file folders or old, beat up manila folders. Every single heel and front were made from a single Panera bread bag. The ribbons and the fake berries were all from gifts (two were the handles from that Panera bread bag) I’d received.

This year I used a glue gun for assembly. It was AWESOME! I love my glue gun. Glues can take a long time to dry or just get messy. The glue gun was easier than the other adhesives I’ve tried.

There have been years were I made these for tons of people. I just don’t have time right now so I limited the recipient list to my immediate family and staff members. It took about 3 hours to cut out and assemble 10 of these.

In another first, I’m not filling them with candy. I made muffins instead (I’ll post the recipe and results soon).

So Happy St. Nicolas Day to you, wherever you are.


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