Dirty Laundry

I have had a real problem with stinky laundry, particularly towels for a year or so. I did some research and read that some people attribute it to too much detergent. I’ll buy that. I see the nasty residue that comes from the cup where I add my fabric softener.

Well, I started using less detergent and fabric softener. No change. I made sure I used really hot water, didn’t overfill the washer, didn’t let me clothes sit too long before throwing them into the dryer. No change.

It wasn’t every towel or every article of clothing either. It could be one or two items out of an entire load.

Then my husband read somewhere to try adding 1 cup or so of white distilled vinegar to a load of laundry. I was game. What harm could it do? At the same time, I took out and scrubbed the fabric softener dispenser.

We continued using ½ the recommended amount of detergent, added one cup of vinegar, and stopped using fabric softener. My clothes smell great. My husband swears that the clothes are softer too.

So I’m saving myself a ton in detergent and fabric softener, only adding in a tiny bit of cost (a gallon of vinegar is only a few dollars) and my clothes look and smell great. That’s a win from every angle!


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