I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

For a while I wanted to try one of those non-slip headbands that are sold at race expos. If you run marathons, you know the ones I mean. They look like this:

But they are so darned expensive. And then what if it falls off my head during the race? I’d be so completely pi$$ed. I tried all the ones you can buy at Target and CVS. The best luck I had was with those cotton stretchy ones. The thicker the better. Goodie and Scunci sell them in single packs or in 3 or 5 packs. Even those need to be adjusted relatively frequently. The little elastic “no-slip” or “stay put” headbands don’t work at all (for me). I actually got a free 3 pack in my race goodie bag once, I’m pretty sure they were the Goodie brand. So I tried one for a 5K. It fell off somewhere during the race.

When I did the Columbus Marathon this year, I broke down and bought myself that headband. I also bought one for each of my girls. We love them. They actually stay. But for $15 each they had better.

So about 2 weeks ago I was thinking of ordering a few more because, believe it or not, silver sparkles don’t go with every outfit. I know, I know. I must be mistaken. But alas, I don’t think I am.

But when I saw the price and thought about all the Christmas presents I haven’t bought, I couldn’t do it. Then I thought “I know how to sew. Sort of. I bet I can make these.” So I did.

First I took measurements. Each headband uses 15″ of ribbon, 15″ of velvet ribbon, and 5″ of 3/8″ wide elastic.

Next I went off to my local fabric store with my younger daughter. She’s really picky so I wanted her to see the ribbon before I made anymore for her. Our school colors are black and orange so anything with that will look great with their softball and basketball uniforms.

Picking the elastic was easy.

I picked 2 spools of school color ribbon (one plain orange, and one tiger striped), 1 spool of royal blue glitter ribbon, 1 yard each of some 1.5″ wide shimmery pink ribbon and shimmery black ribbon. And one yard of some extravagant ½” wide rhinestone ribbon.

Then I had to get black velvet ribbon to back my chosen colors. All the ribbon spools were 7/8″ wide and so I bought 4 yards or so of 7/8″ wide black velvet ribbon. There was no 1.5″ black velvet but there was 2″. I bought 2 yards and decided I’d figure out something later. Last I bought 1 yard of ½” wide black velvet for the rhinestone ribbon.

I had plenty of black thread for the bobbin, but needed thread to match the other ribbons. If you use black thread in the bobbin and your other color on top, the stitching won’t be very noticeable.

All told, I made 10 headbands that day. Two orange, two tiger striped, two glittery royal blue, one shimmery pink, one shimmery black (silver), and 2 rhinestone. It took longer to cut and pin than to sew. And the rhinestone ones were hot glued. There is no other way to make those. I wore my rhinestone one the other day. It isn’t as slip proof as the thicker ones, but it’s pretty stable. And it’s adorable. My middle child wants me to make one for each of the girls on her basketball team.

This was a very satisfying experiment. I couldn’t find ribbon as thick as that used in my purchased headband, but I also spent so much less money. The most expensive thing I bought was the rhinestone ribbon. It was $16.99/yard. My bill was just under $60.

So for less than $60, I made 10 headbands. I have enough of the spool ribbons, elastic, and thread to make many more. I just need to buy more 7/8″ black velvet ribbon.


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