702 520 2397

The other day I forgot my cell phone at home. Part of me was frantic, the other part relieved. I feel so much more productive without the constant distraction of my phone.

Regardless, I feel much safer having a cell phone on hand for emergencies. It just so happened that my 11 year old was grounded from her phone (for telling me to shut up while she was talking on it). Because she can’t be trusted to stay off her phone while she’s grounded, I made her put her phone in my purse. So, as it turns out I had a phone.

During the day, I got the best phone call. Ashley, at 702-520-2397, called to let my 11 year old know that she qualified for a $250,000 small business loan. It’s ok if my 11 year old has bad credit. As long as she has been in business for 3 months and can fill out a simple form, she still qualifies! That is great to know.

I can’t wait until she gets her loan. Her origami samuri hat business is going to be HUGE!


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