Christmas Cookies Part 10 2012

I found this recipe for Grasshopper Squares a couple of years ago and included it in my Christmas cookie platter. It’s really good but there are a lot of steps. Each of the three layers is as involved as a lot of cookies.

I had no plans to make it again. Actually, I didn’t make it the first time, my husband did. But my mother requested it. And once again, my husband made it.

Just as a side note, they didn’t travel well the first time we made them. They are fine in the pan in the fridge, but once they get warm, the layers want to slide off one another. And they make everything sticky so they should be on a plate by themselves.

Well, for anyone who stuck past all those warnings and criticisms, here’s the recipe. They really are good, regardless of my protests. Oh, and the brownie layer is excellent all by itself.

Really, they are amazing. I have nothing to complain about since my husband is the one who makes them. Maybe I’ll change it up and ask for these on my birthday when they are the only treat.


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