Christmas Cookies Part 12 – 2012

The last batch of Christmas Cookies that I made this year was one of my favorites, Lemon Ricotta cookies. The first time I tried these was for last Christmas. The recipe is from Food Network and you can find it here.

I adore ricotta cheese and am happy to find new excuses to use it. I even made my own ricotta cheese on several occasions. I should really do it again soon too.

Anyway, on to the cookies.

The only things I change on this recipe are:

  • I’ve used salted butter
  • I’ve used skim ricotta
  • I have skipped the parchment paper

For this Christmas, the only change was the lack of parchment paper. The environmentalist in me hates using disposable stuff like that. And I don’t have any Silpat sheets.

I don’t get 44 cookies out of them. 2 tablespoons get me about 35 cookies. But those are an awesome 35 cookies.

I wasn’t very careful when I applied the glaze, as you can see by all the drips. These cookies will go very quickly.


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