Fatheads Part 142?

I love Fatheads. It’s within walking distance of my house and the food and beer is amazing. We go about once a month or more. Usually our visits are just my husband and I stopping in for a few beers.

My little son just had a birthday. The children are allowed to pick a meal out as part of their present. Imagine my pleasure when my son picked Fatheads for his dining out choice. He’s happy, the other 2 kids are happy, my husband’s happy. Everyone is happy.

They had some really amazing specials when we went: lobster crab sandwich, fried pickles, some chicken prosciutto panini thing. We tried all of that. The bacon cheese fries are good but they need to banish that cheese in a can and melt real cheese over the fries. Cheese in a can is only acceptable on food bought from a movie theater, bowling alley, gas station, or Taco Bell. It’s still not good at any of those places, but it is expected.

The best thing about our trip is always the beers. It has been a while since we had visited and there were a ton of new beers to try. So we did. We got samples of:

  • Fathead’s Udderly S”moo”th Milk Stout
  • Fatheads Head Trip Belgian Tripel
  • Fathead’s Rye’s Guyz
  • Fathead’s Antagonizor Doppelbock
  • Fathead’s Pimp My Sleigh

Our favorite kinds of beers are wheats (particularly unfiltered weizens) and Belgians. We tend to dislike hoppy beers, especially IPAs.

Out of the 5 samples in our first order, I couldn’t pick a favorite. I couldn’t even pick a least favorite. My husband could, he doesn’t really like stouts. These were all so good. The most surprising one was the Rye’s Guyz. I’ve had only one rye beer before and I hated it. The rye flavor was completely overpowering. This tasted like a hefeweizen with a kick.

We decided that we needed a few more samples. Our next round of samples was:

  • Fathead’s Holly Jolly Christmas Ale
  • Bell’s Christmas Ale
  • Boulder Brewing Business Time

And my husband got a Fathead’s Alpenglow Weizenbock. No sample there. It’s one of his favorite beers. They don’t have it all the time so when they do, he orders it.

This batch of samples was not as good. I would not go out of my way to order any of these again. They are all good, but not outstanding. Next to the first batch, they were disappointing. But that is a very high standard.

The food was excellent. In addition to the food I listed above, we also ordered the pulled pork burrito and a meatlover’s pizza. The only complaint is with the bacon cheese fries. Our waitress was great. The service can be less than exemplary here. It’s fine when I’m sitting at the bar and it’s just my husband and me. It’s not fine at all when I have a table of children. I need to be sure we request this server’s section when we come.

After our meal, my son and I decided to jog home. We left the others to take care of the check and all the leftover containers.

We had the best time jogging home and I can pretend that worked off some of that beer. What a fantastic adventure.


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