Santa Shuffle 2012

Last Saturday was the Santa Shuffle in Tremont. Yay! My husband and I participated last year too. It was called Running With the Santas then. I would suspect that the name was a bit too close to the well-established Running of the Santas.

As with last year, the pre-race “party” was 2-4 pm. The race was at 4 and the post-race bar crawl was 4-10 pm.

There seem to be real glitches with this event. Not long after registering, I received an e-mail saying that the race had been moved to the Saturday prior. Then, a day later, another e-mail came saying that the first e-mail was wrong. The race would be on the 15th. Weird. Also, when I registered, the pre-race day packet pickup info was listed as TBA. One would think that, once that info was set, participants would receive an e-mail letting them know. Nope.

Race day packet pick up was, once again, at Tremont Tap House. It gets crowded pretty quick so we grabbed our packet and a map and left. The workers were reluctant to give out the map. We were only allowed to take it after a race worker explained that the drink specials listed on the map were incorrect. I don’t know that there were drink specials for the race. I think the individual bars decided their own specials. There were problems with the drink specials last year too.

It was interesting to see which establishments were repeat participants. Last year was: Tremont Tap House, Lincoln Park Pub, Lava Lounge, Prosperity Social Club, The Flying Monkey Pub, The Treehouse, 806 Martini and Wine Bar, Fat Cats, The South Side. This year was: Tremont Tap House, The Flying Monkey Pub, Edison’s Pub, The Treehouse, Press Wine Bar, Barrio, The South Side. So there were less participants, and only 4 places were repeats.

We opted for the Treehouse as our first drink stop. I had a Kraken rum-spiked cider. Yum. It was perfect. My husband had some beer but I can’t remember which one. I love the décor in the Treehouse. It is such a lovely place to sit. I wish this was in my normal traffic pattern. I would be here.

We ended up going back the Tremont Tap House’s insanely crowded patio to meet up with my niece. While I was there, the Three Olives girls gave me a big red cape!!! A Santa hat and a cape. My day was complete. After, we decided just hang out until the race started. The Grinch was there again. I looked for Ralphie in the bunny suit. I ended up seeing him later; he was standing at a street corner. No. Really. He didn’t run, he was just hanging out.

I didn’t take pictures this year. I should have. There was a lady dressed as the leg from the Christmas Story. Lamp shade and everything. A short while later, a man in lederhosen came around saying he was trying to find his friend, the Christmas Story lamp. So we pointed her out and he says “no, that’s not the right lamp”! How great is that? There was more than one women running as the leg lamp. That is a good time.

There was no Red Bull handout on the race course this year. I still have my Red Bull from last year’s run! But again, I swear the course is longer than a mile. And I can’t believe how uneven those streets are. It was a lot warmer this year. It did rain, but always while we were inside somewhere.

After the race, we decided we would try the Tremont Tap House for dinner. We thought maybe we’d get good service since the racers all cleared out. No luck. The servers still suck. They seemed really put out by having to serve race participants. Other patrons came in and sat next to us. The bartenders were friendly to them. The only thing I can think is that the owners want to participate but the staff doesn’t want to have to work that hard. It’s fine. I looked at the menu and the prices on the food were outrageous. There is no way I’m paying $12 for a burger at a place like this. So, we left.

We went over to the Prosperity Social Club for dinner. It didn’t matter that they didn’t participate in the race. The food is good. I had mac and cheese. It was amazing. All and all it was a great afternoon/evening.

A run, a cape, a santa hat, alcohol, and mac & cheese. It doesn’t get much better than that.


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