Christmas Menu

I love cooking a big Christmas dinner for my children and husband.  I usually spend a few days picking and then revising the menu.  This year I settled on the following:

Course 1

Tomato Bisque with Cheese Pops (a cheese cracker)

Course 2

Roast Chicken with rice pilaf

Course 3

Ham with macaroni and cheese and brussels sprouts

Course 4

Beef Roast with roasted root vegetables, yorkshire pudding, and carmelized mushroom gravy


Nutella egg nog and chocolate bread pudding with spiced whipped cream

Everything on the menu is made in my kitchen.  They are no packaged sauces or side dishes.  So, imagine my indignation (and amusement) when my little son, upon seeing the menu, exclaimed “only 4 courses?”

Only? Only? I have to start preparing foods 2 days in advance to serve 4 courses.  My husband helped a ton, doing about half of the work.  And getting me calmed down when things weren’t turning out exactly the way I wanted.

The indignation is very, very brief. Much more brief than is probably indicated by that last paragraph.  I’m glad that I can give my kids these experiences.  I hope that they remember, as they grow up, the time and love that I put into these things. 

And next year, we can have 5 courses again.  But my kids are helping with the food prep.


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