Race Training

Sunday starts the 21 training for the Cleveland Half Marathon. 

I am excited and dismayed.  I love and hate running.  Mostly I hate it.  My joke is that I hate it but I keep doing it just to make sure that I hate it.  It’s not completely a joke. 

I do much better when I run outside by myself with music.  I don’t have fancy running clothes or shoes so nothing I own is weather-resistant.  Which means, at least right now, that I’ll be training on the treadmill. 

My husband, for the first time ever, is going to attempt the half with me.  We did a quarter in May in Columbus (which we are already signed up for again, yay!). 

I hate running with my husband.  I like going with him to the race.  And I love that he is there too.  But I do not like to run with him.  I don’t like to run with anyone who can run.  I have “run” with many people who are slower than me.  That’s fine because I’m not doing something for myself.  I’m there to encourage them. 

I have a girlfriend I’ve done this with several times.  I’ve also gone with my daughters and my son; all separately.  It’s fun. 

But when I’m there to run, I don’t want to be with anyone I know.  I spend too much time concerned with them.  Am I slowing them down?  Am I breathing too hard?  Am I making strange faces?  ( I can assure you that I am).  Do they notice that my nose is running?  Because it is always running.  When I run, my nose runs.

All that in my head distracts me from performing at my best.  My best isn’t great.  But I still want to do my best. 

Well, 21 weeks is plenty of time to fight all those stupid voices in my head.  And fight them I must.  Because the reality is that I will probably be with my husband for the race.  And I probably will be spending loads of time training with him. 

And although this will be my 3rd Cleveland Marathon, it will be my first time running running.  I want to crush it. 

The best thing about starting my training plan is that after all this Christmas food, I am carb loaded and so ready to go!


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