Cleveland Marathon Training 2013 – Day 8

I just finished my first full week of my 21 week half marathon training plan.  It’s weird to think how easy it would be to skip out on a day of training already.

I went outside to try and scrap the rest of the ice from my driveway.  It’s really packed down but it’s been warm enough that I thought it would be more melty then it is.  It took over two hours of scraping and straining.  My arms hurt, my shoulders hurt, my palms hurt.  And I have about maybe 20% of my driveway that still isn’t clear.  When I came in, I realized that my palms hurt because they were blistered and the blisters had split.  I worked so hard that I have these huge, gross, burst blisters on my palms.

So it would have really been easy to say that I’d expended enough energy today.  But I made myself run (on the treadmill again because there are too many icy sidewalks).

Day 8 is a 3 mile run.  I went an extra 1/4 mile.  Yay!

So, while I was running, I was thinking that I should reward myself for every week that I stick to my training.  What can I do that isn’t going to be too pricey or too indulgent but is enough to motivate me.  Sure, the motivation should be to see myself getting stronger and to achieve my goal.  But I need small, frequent rewards.

So I figure that every week I complete my training, I’m going to treat myself to a bubble bath with candles, wine, and a good book.  And it will help my sore muscles (they aren’t sore yet, but once I start doing 6+ miles at I time, I am sure I’ll have sore muscles).

20 more weeks to go.


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