Cleveland Marathon 2013 Training – Days 20, 21, & 22

Day 20, Friday, was a cross training or rest day.  I had intended to do yoga and some strength training.  I didn’t.  I got caught up in some other things and let my laziness overtake me.

Day 21, yesterday, was a 2 mile run.  It was really windy out and, by the time I was ready to run, chilly.  I spent the perfect running hours of the day at the toboggan chutes with my son and my husband.  So. Much. Fun!  I’m not sad that I didn’t run outside because the toboggans were brilliant.

Day 22 is today.  I ran 4 miles on the treadmill at my normal pace.  My normal pace is not my normal pace for anything longer than a 5k.  So, if I can stick to my 5K pace for the longer runs, I will be so happy.

I realized today that I am simply not eating properly to fuel my runs.  I feel sluggish and bloaty.  I’m going to have to be more careful with my food intake because I won’t be able to do those longer runs if I feel like this.

I bought a weighted hula hoop.  I don’t remember if I blogged about this yet or not.  I just got it Friday.  I love it.  As the reviews stated, it does hurt initially.  But it’s also fun.  Today I hula hooped (I have made it a verb, grammar be damned) while I read the newspaper.  Yesterday, I hula hooped while watching my son play a video game.  I can see hula hooping while playing my own video game.  The hoop is large enough that once you get it going, you don’t have to really even think about it.  You just keep moving.


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