Cleveland Marathon 2013 Training – Days 23 – 27

Day 23 was Monday.  And a rest day.

Day 24 was Tuesday.  I was so tired.  But I made myself do my 3 miles, on the treadmill.  At first, I told myself I’d just do a walk.  Because I was tired.  Once I got on my treadmill and got going for a bit, I upped the speed to a jog.  I did my 3 miles at 1 mph less than my comfortable pace.  And afterwards, I was so happy.  So it wasn’t my usual speed.

Day 25 was a 2 mile run.  I did it at 1.2 mph faster than my comfort pace.

Day 26 was Thursday.  It was a 4 mile run.  It’s been incredible cold here and so everything has been on the treadmill.

Today was Day 27.  Cross training or rest.  Today, I went through with the cross training.  I did 12 minutes with a weighted hula hoop, incline push ups (3 sets), and yoga.  This is the first time in the almost 4 weeks of training that I did the cross training on Friday.  I usually let my laziness rule and use it as a second rest day.

I know that I need more weight training and more stretching than I have been getting.  So I downloaded BodBot.  I entered my selections and today was my first instructions.  I picked weight loss and muscle building.  The incline push ups I did.  Those were BodBot’s idea.  It also suggested 60 minutes of running.  I skipped that.  But I will be referring to BodBot for supplemental strength training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


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