Shameless Silliness Day

Yesterday, February 23rd, was Shameless Silliness Day, or as I like to call it: Saturday.   I’m a manager and have an office filled with Hello Kitty.  I cannot be shamed.

I realized that I haven’t posted anything lately.

Most recently, I’ve only been posting about running.  I have slipped a bit on my marathon training.  I always do when I get up to 7 plus miles at a time.  Also, regardless of my mileage requirements, I’m getting fat.  Because, I’m so hating having to run all these miles so I skip all other exercise.  No weight training = big fatty.  So, I’m giving myself a bit of a break on the running and starting mixing it up.  I will never be fast;  I’m not built for speed.  While running is necessary, I need weight training.

Otherwise I’ve been keeping myself busy making jewelry, baking, cooking, and being a worker bee, a mother, wife, saving Skyrim from dragons, and watching the Walking Dead.

Tonight, my husband suspected that the Governor would kill Andrea.  I know that she will never be killed off because I hate her character.  I call this Terra syndrome.  Terra from True Blood.  So close so many times and yet they always bring that obnoxious character back.  I hate that character so much that it has extended to me hating that actress.  The lady does some voice overs and I even hate the characters she voices.  Down with Terra!
Anyway, I’ve clearly been drinking so I’m going to walk away from the keyboard.  I’ll load some jewelry pictures soon.  Just as soon as I stop watching Russian car cam videos.   Holy crap, Russians are f?&*ing crazy!!!! I love it!



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