It Wasn’t Me

As a parent of 3, I’ve often heard “it wasn’t me”.  Often it’s over inconsequential things: empty toilet paper rolls (so, so many), empty bottles in the fridge, dirty dishes in rooms where dishes aren’t allowed, towels on the floor, lights on in empty rooms. 

Today was different though. 

The kids are home on spring break.  They have 2 desktop pcs for the 3 of them.  But today they decided to use my laptop instead.  And apparently, someone dropped it.  I suspect that it was left the arm of a chair and was knocked off.  The laptop works, for now, but it’s not repairable.  At some point, just through normal use, the damage will cause it to fall apart.  The screen is just barely hanging on.

I came home, did my evening things, and eventually sat down to sync my phone with my iTunes.  Only when I picked up my laptop did I realize that something had happened as no one had mentioned it.  Checking through my browser history, it is clear that all 3 of my children were using my laptop today… without permission.

But no one will admit to it. That is the worst part. 

I’m going to find a reasonable replacement and the kids will have to split the replacement cost.  And they are all going to have extra chores. 



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