Dangerous Minds

I rarely go to My Yahoo. Once upon a time I used to have tons of widgets/gadgets there but now I have gmail and an RSS reader. I still have a my Yahoo account and e-mail but it’s mostly just junk mail now.

I happened to log on yesterday though. One of my widgets is a feed of articles written for Yahoo. It’s sensationalistic and/or oversimplified rehashing of legitimate news or just goofy “news”.

I saw a headline for one article that was about fitness. I wish I would have saved this article because I can’t find it today. The title and the first several paragraphs were talking about how cardio is bad for you, particularly for older women. One should ditch his/her treadmill or give it to someone one doesn’t like. It was such completely over-the-top crap.

Way down, if one continued reading, it said that interval training was the best way to lose weight without losing muscle. Interval training is cardio. And my treadmill has an excellent interval program.

And when is the last time you saw any avid runner/cyclist/[enter cardio activity of your choice here] who wasn’t lean and healthy? Never. The answer is never.

It is dangerous to continue to put out careless misleading “news” articles like this. Obesity is not a disease, cardio is not bad for you. And even though the author went on to offer other exercise options, most people don’t read to the end of an article.

The reason people are fat is because we eat crappy processed foods and lots of them. The reason people are fat is because we have crappy desk jobs and then go home and sit in front of the tv or the computer and don’t move again until we go back to our crappy jobs.

I had a friend who went on this health kick (and it was just a kick, not a long-term lifestyle change) and started going on and on about the size of fruit, particularly apples. When is the last time you saw someone who was overweight because their apples were too big? Never.

Stop finding excuses or shortcuts. If you’re not up to running, then walk, just go longer. Not everyone is a runner. I hate running, I just keep doing it to make sure I still hate it. Right now I’m in a funk where I dislike being all sweaty and gross. But I love the way I feel after a good, long run.


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