Beer and Mead

Beer is a personal obsession.  For years I didn’t drink.  Then my husband convinced me to drink with him on occasion.  Now I’m the one buying new beers, dragging him out to places that have craft beers on tap.

I have found, through much tasting that I prefer a few styles of beer.  My favorites are unfiltered wheat beers.  I love the taste and the texture.  I’m also quite fond of Belgian ales and blondes.  And I learned that I hate strong, citrus-y hops.  So, IPAs and such are not my thing.  I can appreciate the craftsmanship of a well-made IPA, but I don’t want to have to drink it.

My husband and I try so many beers, whenever we see something new we want to try it, it was getting tough remembering if we had tried one before.  So I took an old empty journal I received as a gift and turned it into a beer diary.  I’ve decided to make it digital and update short notes on beers here.  If it works, I’ll make it into regular posts or something.

I’ve come up with some categories, but not every beer will have them all filled in as I just decided on all of the categories just now.  For those who are interested, here is a great primer on different styles of beer.

I’ve also decided to keep my mead reviews here.  I love mead but it’s not often that I can get it as it’s expensive.  I am so happy to see it becoming more popular.  It seems right that I drink it when I make chainmaille 🙂

Unfortunately, I can’t get the table to display the way I want it.  I’m going to keep playing with this to figure out the best way to do this.  For now, all the info, with links for every brewery, are in a pdf, the link is below.


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